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Frequently asked questions

“What hair services do you offer?”

I offer services for anyone looking to get their hair done on the morning of the wedding! Most popularly brides, bridesmaids, flower girls, moms, and other close family attendees who will be around getting ready with the bride that morning. 

“If you’re available, how do I secure you for my wedding day?”

To officially book with me, I require a fully completed and signed contract as well as a deposit to hold the date. No date is considered booked without both of those booking requirements returned to me. Once sent to you, I give brides a maximum of 10 days to get the contract and deposit back to me. If 10 days pass without the required paperwork, I will then open your date back up to the next inquiring bride.

“Should I book a trial?”

Short answer: Yes!!! - but there are exceptions. I currently offer a bridal hair package that includes a trial. Trials are an amazing way to try out the style that you are considering for your special day!


For brides who live states away, it’s not always possible for them to be able to travel to me to come get a trial before their wedding - and thats ok! Trials are not mandatory but they are highly encouraged.

They give you a great idea as to what your complete look will look like and it’s also a great way for me to learn your hair type/texture, to know how well your hair will hold a curl/style and an amazing way for me to be able to meet with you and chat all about your wedding day plans and details!

Additionally, bridal trials are exclusive to our brides. We do not offer trials to any other members of your party including (but not limited to) bridesmaids, moms, grandmothers, flower girls, etc. We apologize but there are no exceptions.


 Your wedding date must be reserved and your contract must be completed prior to having your bridal trial. Trials are meant to get an idea of what the hairstyle you chose, looks like on you and how that particular hairstyle compliments your vision for your ideal bridal look on your wedding day.

Trials are not meant for “trying out” a stylist.

“What do I need to do to prep for my hair trial?”

Trials are my favorite! For the day of your trial, I recommend clean (or ONE day dirty), dry hair that is free of any heavy product. Hair that is too dirty will not result in a great end result and clean/freshly washed hair can always be “dirtied up” by me with product! I suggest to come to your trial with 2-3 inspiration photos and any hair pieces that you are considering for you wedding day! Please note while Pinterest is any amazing tool to gather inspiration, an exact replica is not guaranteed.

“Do you have a team or are you the only stylist?”

While I am I’m typically a party of one, I do have other stylists in my personal network of professionals who I believe mimic the level of talent and professionalism that I associate with Bridal by Courtney, whom I could hire to help on your wedding day! Typically, if your list of girls needing services is over 6 and/or timing doesn’t allow for a longer getting ready time, I will need to bring in an additional stylist to help with some hair services. For more information, please fill out the contact form. 

“When should I book?”

I open up dates exactly one year in advance!!

Booking can begin on the day that you begin your one year countdown!!! No sooner. All dates are first come first serve once that day approaches. I do not hold dates and dates are ONLY officially booked with the required deposit as well as a completed and signed contract. Popular dates/months fill up fast!


If I receive multiple inquires at that one year mark for the same date, bookings are accepted in the order they are received.

For example:

If I receive two inquiries in my email for the same day at exactly 12:00am on your one year countdown, the first one to come into my inbox will be offered the opportunity to book first.

(This really does happen. Plan accordingly!)

“Why do you only book one year in advance?”

I know that my “only booking one year in advance” policy isn’t for every bride but that is what works best for me and my family. I also know vendors book up very quickly and waiting until the one year mark can still risk the possibility of me not being available for your date. I was a bride who booked my vendors very far in advance so I completely  understand!

With having two very young children at home it is so important to me to keep some flexibility in my schedule to be able to plan things for them and to be able to enjoy some fun weekends, trips with family, etc. Taking on bookings this way has allowed me to not have to schedule every weekend of my family’s lives 2+ years in advance. 

“What is your pricing and do you have travel fees?”

For information on bridal hair pricing, please fill out the form located on the Contact page! Please note that I do have a service minimum requirement for all weddings (not including fees).

As far as travel fees for 2024, travel is a $30 flat fee per artist/stylist hired for your wedding, for all weddings within 30 miles!


Any location that is over 30 miles will result

in a full mileage travel fee of

$1 per mile per artist/stylist.


15 miles = $30 travel fee (per artist/stylist)

31 miles = $31 travel fee (per artist/stylist)

42 miles = $42 travel fee (per artist/stylist)

The bride is responsible for the full travel fee.

“On the morning of the wedding, how long will it take for everyone to get their hair done?

The morning of the wedding is so much fun! I love to create a fun and relaxed environment for my brides and their girls so everyone feels beautiful and pampered! I schedule 1hr per hair service for the bride, bridesmaids and moms (30 min for flower girls), which keeps the morning relaxing so it doesn’t just feel like a rushed assembly line! A lot of times I’m done early - not every person always takes me a full hour, but sometimes it does! It completely depends on their hair thickness, length and style desired. I take pride in my work and I prefer to have the extra time to perfect each style!

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